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Canoeing in Suffolk

Canoeing in Suffolk

Canoeing In Suffolk

The Suffolk Broads, the Broads National Park and the Suffolk Coast National Nature Reserve have so much to offer and yet very few people experience the privilege of traveling to the usually unseen parts of these waterways.

Many parts of the Broads and many Broads themselves are cut off or restricted with the type and size of vessel that are able to traverse them. However, when you are in a canoe, the waterways will suddenly open up for you, allowing you to see and experience the beautiful sights and sounds of rare plants and wildlife in havens that are so rarely seen by the average water user.

Many areas of the Broads are inaccessible to motor boats and sail boats, mainly due to shallow water, nature reserves or are quite simply inaccessible.

Canoeing in Suffolk allows you to travel in water silently and safely, to see the wildlife in their natural habitat. Paddle down quiet, undisturbed dykes, discover broads you never knew existed, watch a kingfisher dive, a otter relax and a heron hunt. To discover Suffolk a different way - go Canoeing with

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