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Walking, Biking and Four Ferries in Suffolk

Cycling in Suffolk

Walking, biking and ferries in Suffolk

Walkers and Cyclists exploring the Suffolk Coast and Heaths, one of many areas of outstanding natural beauty on the East Coast, generally like to stay away from roads and the hazards they can bring and in Suffolk this endeavour is made so much easier by using ferries, which manages to knock miles of pavement pounding off a great route. Added to that, taking these ferries allows you to enjoy views that unless you have a boat, you would not normally see.

Just to give you an idea there are four ferries which are:

1. The Walberswick Ferry - which is a small rowing boat between running between Southwold and Walberswick and operates from April until the end of October. It costs about 90 pence per person and takes just two minutes. If you were to take the road route, you would add nine miles onto your journey.

2. Butley Ferry - this is reputed to be one of the smallest ferries in Europe, however it can take a bike but not one made for two! This little ferry runs between Orford and Butley, across the Butley Creek and is a wonderful but not necessary diversion if you are walking/biking the Regional Cycle Route 41, Suffolk Coastal path. Bear in mind that this ferry is operated by volunteers, so is only available on weekends and Bank Holidays.

3. The Bawdsey Ferry – this runs across the River Deben. Again this is a non-essential but pleasant diversion when traversing the Suffolk Coastal Path and Route 41. This motorised ferry boat runs between Bawdsey and Felixstow and operates from Easter to the end of October.

Last but not least is:

4. The Harwich Harbour Ferry – this operates where the Rivers Orwell and Stour meet right on the borders of Essex and Suffolk. It potters between Harwich, Shotley and Felixstowe and carries up to 58 passengers and again runs from Easter to the end of September. This is a great way to see up close and personal, the Port of Felixstowe and Harwich and the huge cruise and container ships that come into both.

So these ferries can knock over 70 miles off your walk and offer a very much safer route to take. Don’t forget your camera, but there is an added bonus – you won’t need any seasick pills!


To download a brochure on the Four Ferries, please click here